Week of October 10

We WILL have school on Monday, October 10th!

Please return all Fundraiser packets on Thursday, October 13th. We would like to see that every child sells at least one item. Students who sell 5 or more will attend the BIG KAHUNA PARTY.

We will have a Common Assessment in Math on Thursday, October 13th.

Have a great weekend!

Multiply Decimals

We are working on multiplying decimals in math. Please use the grocery store flyers that come in the mail to encourage students to practice this skill. Students can find the total cost of purchasing multiples of items. We will work on this skill over the next two weeks.



We have been working hard the last 2 weeks on multiplying up to a 3 digit by 2 digit using standard algorithms. We will be taking a quiz tomorrow and start multiplying decimals on Wednesday. We will learn how to multiply decimals using models and standard algorithms. Please continue to work on multiplication facts at home.


Math News

What a great time I have had the last few weeks getting to know your child. I am looking forward to an awesome school year with them.

We started estimation this week. Students are learning the importance of rounding before completing the operations. We will continue working on this skill next week.

Fifth Grade Universal Screener will be next Wednesday to help us see what information your child remembers from 4th grade. This is not a test grade.

We are also wrapping up our multiplication quizzes this week. Students will have 3 attempts at the quiz and will be given the highest grade of the 3 in the gradebook. Please check in Skyward for grades.

Don’t forget that Monday is a school holiday. Enjoy your 3 day weekend!!!!!

Only One Week Left!

The countdown of the last days of summer has started. Students will be sitting in class this time next week! My name is Heather Brantley and I will be one of your math teachers this year. I am looking forward to a great year of learning new things. In my class we will learn how to add/subtract/multiply/divide decimals and fractions, estimating, algebra equations (solve for x), determining additive or multiplicative patterns on a coordinate plane, and much more. Please work at home on multiplication facts. It is crucial for them to be fluent with math facts to be successful in 5th Grade Math.

I hope you enjoy your last week of summer!


Easter eggs are due today! Please have your child bring a dozen candy filled eggs in an egg carton today.

Easter Party tomorrow at 9:30. All parents who have volunteered to help meet in the foyer by the office at 9.

NO School Friday!!!!

STAAR testing next week. Tuesday is STAAR math. Wednesday is STAAR reading. Please see that your child gets a good nights sleep and is at school on those days.

Happy Easter!



We will begin combining all of the concepts that we have learned this year. Students will analyze and determine the correct operation needed to solve real world situations.


School Holiday, Monday, February 15 – All day

Reading Benchmark, Monday, Feb. 22

Math Benchmark, Tuesday, Feb. 23

Early Release at noon on Wednesday, February 24th




Week of February 1-5

Monday – wrap up multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Finish and correct MM 97, 98, and 102.

Tuesday – Introduction to dividing whole numbers by fractions and fractions by whole numbers.

Wednesday  – Versatiles – dividing fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by fractions.

Thursday – Dividing fractions in word problems using Motivation Math.

Friday – Center practice with diving fractions and whole numbers.


Week of January 19th

This week in Mrs. Brantley’s Math Class:

Tuesday – Review for Common Assessment

Wednesday – Common Assessment

Thursday – Go over Common Assessment

Friday – Introduction to Multiplying Fraction by a Whole Number

Hope you had a great 3 day weekend. REMINDER: Next Wednesday, January 27: Early Release at 12:00.