Reviewing decimals

Students were given multiplication with decimals as a review in class today. Please ask your child if they completed the assignment. All unfinished classwork today was assigned as homework. This is a skill they need to be fluent in to be successful in the future. Thank you for all your help!

Mrs. Brantley


Students will be working on division with up to 2 digit divisors (with and without decimals) over the next 4 weeks. Unfinished work from 3rd and 4th-grade review today will be homework tonight. I wrote a note for anyone who did not finish in their planner.  Please show them the way that you learned division (standard algorithm) for practice. If your child is struggling with the homework assignment, they may need extra practice at home. Please encourage them to use xtramath and the division app found in the apple store.


Students are working hard on multiplying 3 digits by 2 digit factors. Please work with students at home to strengthen the skill. FYI: I am teaching the standard algorithm (the way you learned it.) Students will take a quiz tomorrow on multiplying up to 3 digit x 2 digits. Next week we will begin multiplying decimals.

A helpful app in the apple app store is Multiplication !!. Students have been using this app in the classroom.


Welcome to 5th Grade Math

Welcome to 5th-grade math with Mrs. Brantley. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this school year. I know that the start of a year can be overwhelming so I will try to break up whats going on in a weekly post. Please email 5th-grade teachers with any questions that you may have. I am looking forward to a great year!

Week of November 13th

Students will take a math common assessment on Tuesday, November 14th. This will be over TEKS they have learned in both math classes. Students will review the common assessment on Wednesday and reteach of low TEKS will be on Thursday. We will end the week with the Game of Life!

Students who sold enough fundraiser items to go to Chick-Fil-A on the party bus will bring home permission slips today. Please sign and return.

5th Grade is planning a field trip to Brookshire’s in White Oak after Thanksgiving break. Students will be bringing home a permission slip soon.

REMINDER: NO SCHOOL the week of November 20th! Thanksgiving Break

Week of November 6

We will be learning how to represent quotients of decimals to the hundredths using pictorial and area models. Students will also review solving for products of decimals using pictorial and area models.

Here is an example of a model: 1.5 divided by 5

Have a great weekend!

Week of October 30th

This week we will begin learning algebra expressions and solving for variables. Students are excited to begin algebra! We will kick off with a halloween book on finding “mystery numbers” know as variables. Students will practice solving for x and other variables in basic equations.

Reminder: Early Release November 1, 2017


Week of October 16

We will be learning how to divide with 2 digit divisors the week of October 16th. Students have done an excellent job with 1 digit divisors! I will have students list the multiples up to 9 before solving the equation as a strategy. We will solve using standard algorithms. Please see the picture below as an example.



Week of October 9th

We will begin reviewing division the week of October 9th. Students will practice their division skills with 1 digit divisors this week. We will be using the division app to help strengthen our skills. The app is free in the apple store and can be used at home or on the go:)


Fundraiser due back on Thursday, October 20th.

NO SCHOOL OCTOBER 20th. Teacher Inservice Day