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Counseling Resources
Posted on March 30, 2020
Hello Roughneck Students and Families,

I hope you and your family are well and staying healthy during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Please remember that the White Oak ISD administration is looking out for the best interests of our community, students, and staff to prevent any community spread or diagnosis of the virus in this area. While we transition to online/distance learning these next couple of weeks, I want you to remember that I am here to support you and your family the best I can.

I am providing you with some resources below. Parents/Guardians, the following page lists ways you can talk with your children about coronavirus. There are a few age-appropriate links to videos as well. I have also included a few links to social emotional resources.

For online counseling sessions, I will be available to talk through the Zoom App or phone call during these times: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. To schedule a Zoom session, either email me or fill out this google form. I will confirm, then create a meeting and send you a link with access to it.

The following are ways to contact me:

● Email: [email protected]

● Google Form: Counselor Request Form 2020

It’s important to continue building their emotional health and help keep your child focused on some good, positive things in life. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your child needs help or support during this time. As a school counselor, I care about your child’s well-being and know this pandemic hitting our country is affecting each family’s daily routines, mental health and outlook on our future as of now.

Thank you,

Ashley McClanahan

School Counselor for White Oak Elementary

Packet G Answer key

Below is the answer key to Packet G. Please have your child log into Google Classroom to see videos of me teaching each problem.

41. C

42. B

43, B

44. B

45. B


47.   6.72

48. B

49. C

50. B

51. C

52. D

53. C

54. D

55. B


57. C

58. 13


60. C

Announcement from Superintendent Brian Gray

White Oak Community,
Gregg County is now in a mandatory shelter in place beginning tomorrow night Thursday, March 26th and running through Thursday, April 9th.

The earliest that staff would return to school would be April 10th. The earliest that students would return is April 13th. These dates are subject to change.
*White Oak ISD will continue the ‘meal program’ as well as continuity of educational resources on-line and hard copy. Campus administration is currently working to disseminate additional materials and information.
*Only essential personnel will be on campus.
Thank you for your continued support during these very challenging times.
Brian Gray
Superintendent of Schools
Details of the order are below:
1. You may leave your home, but limit your activities. All individuals should shelter at their place of residence, except for essential activities and business. Additionally, to the extent individuals use shared indoor or outdoor space, they should maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. All travel, except essential travel and essential activities, is prohibited. Travel into and out of the city is still allowed to perform essential activities, operate essential businesses, or maintain essential governmental functions.

2. To the extent individuals use shared indoor or outdoor space, they should maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. All travel, except essential travel and essential activities, is prohibited. Travel into and out of the City is still allowed to perform essential activities, operate essential businesses, or maintain essential governmental functions.

3. The Shelter-in-Place orders also direct businesses, except essential businesses, to cease all activities except minimum basic operations. All essential businesses are strongly encouraged to remain open. However, even essential businesses are encouraged to determine essential staff necessary to operate and to send non-essential staff home. To the greatest extent feasible, essential businesses shall comply with social distancing requirements. Essential businesses include a variety of different types of businesses that provide essential goods and services for the community, such as healthcare, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, banks, laundromats, transportation, media, construction, and several others detailed within the directive.

Essential businesses will continue to operate. Non-essential businesses should not continue to operate except for minimal, basic operations. See full list of essential businesses at this link. https://www.longviewtexas.gov/4008/Essential-vs-Non-Essential

Packet pickup

March 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Due to the mandatory shelter in place that has been issued beginning tomorrow evening, Thursday, March 26th through Thursday, April 9th, we have prepared new learning packets that have been added to the pick-up areas. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade packets are available for pick up underneath the covered sidewalk at the main entrance beginning tonight, March 25th after 7:00 pm.

Teachers have also provided links to educational resources on their blogs, but in case you do not have internet access or your student does not have a device, the work packets are an option. Please feel free to use the packets and available online resources at your discretion.

We still miss our students terribly, but our hope is that everyone stays healthy in the coming days. As this situation evolves we will keep you updated on a prospective return. We will remain Roughneck strong!


Jennifer Rock

School Closure Meal Information Updated March 19th

School Closure Meal Information (Updated March 19th)

White Oak ISD will continue to provide meals for students during the Covid-19 (coronavirius) closure.  Please see the information below.

Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020:

WOISD will offer meals to ALL students in the district.  Meals will be served in a ‘drive through’ format from 11am-12 pm daily.  Guardians/students are asked to drive through in front of the secondary (HS/MS) cafeteria on White Oak Road.  Meals will be hand delivered to each vehicle. All school aged children will receive a meal. ** Beginning on Monday, March 23rd, breakfast items will be placed in the lunch sacks for the kids to have the following morning.

For those guardians/students that are not able to ‘pick-up’ we will home deliver meals beginning at 12-noon each day.  Please call the following number (903-291-2090) or e-mail [email protected] no later than 10am on Wednesday morning March 18th so that we can get an approximate number of meals needed.  Please make sure to include an address and any pertinent information.

School meals will be offered to students on the following dates during the current Covid-19 closure:

Friday, March 20th 

Monday, March 23rd 

Tuesday, March 24th

Wednesday, March 25th 

Thursday, March 26th

Friday, March 27th 

Monday, March 30th

Tuesday, March 31st

Wednesday, April 1st

Thursday April 2nd

Friday, April 3rd 


This information will be updated as needed.  Thank you for your continued support of White Oak ISD.  Go Roughnecks!

School Closing Update

White Oak ISD Community,

Due to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, today Governor Greg Abbott announced that all schools in Texas will be closed until midnight on April 3rd, with a tentative reopen date of Monday, April 6th.  Therefore, White Oak ISD will remain closed until that time.  

Please note that this is a very fluid situation, and this could be extended depending upon recommendations the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and so-forth.

White Oak ISD will continue the distance learning plan developed by campus administration to try and have a continued educational process.  Please check campus webpages, Facebook, blogs etc., for any updated information.

Please know that we are looking at every possible ramification that these decisions will have on our students moving forward.  We will keep their needs and interests in the forefront of that decision-making process.  

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause and the disruption of routine, but the health and well being of all Roughnecks will always be our guiding compass.

Please continue to check the White Oak ISD website, Facebook pages, blogs and other local news outlets for updates.


Brian Gray-Superintendent of Schools

White Oak ISD

The Home of ROUGHNECK Pride



While we are out….

Please have students log into their google classroom to find videos, games, quizizz, and other assignments. I have placed a variety of assignments and they are not for a grade.

Children work best with routines. They also like their voices to be heard. This is a great time for them to create a schedule that they can use over the next few weeks. Give them this opportunity to have ownership in their learning while showing responsibility and time management. I encourage a positive reward system for students who can create and uphold to their schedules. Maybe they can pick the first social outing when we are back to normal. ; )